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What Are Turkey Tail Capsules?

Turkey tail is a type of medicinal mushroom known scientifically as vversicolor. Although used for traditional medicine, one of its more unusual uses when first discovered, was as a table decoration. Its name derives from its striking appearance: the mushroom’s cap features concentric rings of various colors, resembling the fan-shaped tail of a wild turkey. This distinctive pattern, combined with its vibrant hues of brown, orange, and white, make it easily recognizable. Found worldwide on decaying logs, turkey tail is a popular ingredient in supplements and teas, celebrated for its potent bioactive compounds.

Our extract is a 20:1 extract, meaning that every 400mg capsule contains the equivalent to 8000mg of Turkey Tail. All of our capsules are ‘clean’ capsules, meaning that they contain no fillers or binders, just pure extract.

Why do people take Turkey Tail?
There is still a lot of research being conducted on why exactly people take Turkey Tail, with a lot of the evidence being anecdotal. However, some studies have now been conducted looking into the antioxidants contained inside the mushroom, the potential immune boosting properties and their study on Turkey Tail and gut health.

Another big reason a lot more people are turning to mushroom capsules is due to growth of the holistic health movement. With more people than ever before doing their own research natural supplements and then wielding the results after trying supplements, continue to take them.

The ease of use of taking capsules has also made it a lot more appealing for those wanting explore the world of supplements. Being so easy to add into your daily routine, monumentally helps in users deciding to consistently take products such as turkey tail capsules.

How Much Turkey Tail should I take?
If you’re looking at taking our Life Essentials, we would recommend taking two capsules a day. However, before taking any new supplements, we would also recommend consulting a medical professional or doctor, especially if you are currently taking any other medication.

How Long Will It Take For Turkey Tail To Work?
Much like any other supplement on the market, the efficacy is a very personal thing. For some people, the impact can be immediate, but for others, it can take a little longer. As we have mentioned, this is completely normal.

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