Quality Manufacturing. Quality Ingredients.

Find out why Life Essentials are market leaders in wellness supplements, more about the inception of the company & why we believe clean caps are the best!

We strive to constantly deliver the best. This is why any ingredient selected goes through stringent testing to ensure it complies with our strict quality management standards.

No Nasty Extras - No Binders. Pure Active Ingredients That's it!

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we prefer to keep things local. All of our products are manufactured in house, in our exceptional Iso Class 7 laboratory, which is HACCP & ISO 9001 accredited.

Our laboratory consist of high-tech machinery. The top of the range machinery is key as it allows us to produce Life Essential products as clean & with as little outside influence as possible. This means we can effectively reduces the need for nasty additives.

Our Values

The business was built on developing a range of vitamin, mineral & nootropic products which consumers can use every day as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our expert lab technicians use spend months developing new products & sourcing ingredients to ensure the customer is receiving the most premium products on the market.

No Fillers, No Binders or Flow Agents

We wholeheartedly believe that capsules should be clean! Pure active ingredients, no fillers, no binders, it's really that simple!


We would never sell something we aren't extremely proud of.


Months & months of research and development go into each and every one of our products.


We use only natural ingredients.


We are ahead of the trends, market leaders in development of new exciting products.

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